Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pug in Christmas Clothes

LOL this Pug looks cute but it does not look impressed. I'm not sure what it is with us humans but we love to dress up dogs in clothes and make them look cute. Perhaps we see them as an interactive doll or something.

Even Pitbulls are Cute

Pitbulls can be cute too. This is a nice black and white shot of pitbull lying on the street relaxing. It really amazes me how dogs are able to lie on concrete and other hard surfaces and it seems to be comfortable for them. Then again they prefer to sleep on down duvets I have noticed :D

Friday, December 29, 2006

Golden Retriever with a Rabbit

Neither of these two cute critters seem to be paying much mind to each other. It reminds me of when I used to walk my dog and she would pass other dogs and they would just ingore each other. Its a nice contrast the two animals different colors. See people... animals play nice together sometimes - we should learn from them :D

Pugs vs Turtle

These two cute pugs come across a turtle but they aren't sure what it is O_o Dogs are so cute when they interact with other animals, insects, etc I used to whistle all the time and ask my dog where the birds are, then when we went to park she would chase the squirrels and the ducks :0 Pugs are cute and wrinkly ^_^

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Smiling Pomeranian

I just love this smiling Pomeranian :D I really like the light tan color of this cute dog. My friend had a Pomeranian and told me that you rarely have to wash them - that they stay this cute and cuddly on their own :o

Chihuahua Close Up Shot

OMG I love this blog and I can not stop posting cute dogs :D Here is a very cool and very cute pic of a Chihuahua really close up looking cute. Lol his little toes and nails are so cuuuuuuuute. This is a really fantastic shot of a short haired Chihuahua.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

Dogs look so cute when they are asleep. Often when my dog falls asleep it looks so cute that I am sooo tempted to go pet it, but then a voice in my head says "let sleeping dogs lie" lol its hard to contain myself but I don't want to 'wake the beast' lol then I will be hounded for treats etc :D

Golden Retriever Puppy

Awww here is a picture of a really cute golden retriever puppy. I love it when people takes pics of their dogs with their snouts so close to the camera - it gives it a cool bubble effect. It's too bad I am allergic to dogs with short britsly hair otherwise I would love to have a dog like this.

Short Cut Yorkie

Here is a pic of a cute yorkie with a short cut. It looks like it has been burrowing in something wet because the hair all around it's mouth is all matted and wet lol. I love the little shirt and the really blond hair. When the hair is cut short you tend to see the really blonde come out in the sunlight. OMG I LOVE YORKIES <3

Cute Lil Yorkie

This cute yorkshire terrier definitely needs a haircut. I absolutely love yorkies so expect to see A LOT of pics of them here :D This one just looks so cute looking up from the floor. You can see the nice grey/silvery colored hair on its back and its nice long ears. Looks like it has a cute rainbow scarf on too.