Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cute flying shi tzu!

This picture rocks! This is a fantastic picture of a cute little shi tzu jumping well flying lol over a obstacle at an agility contest. Its amazing how much air these little cuties can get :o

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cute Huggable Husky

Huskies are cute and cool and smart. If you look at this cute lil guy you can see how intelligent he is. They look like they bleong in the snow covered areas of the world. I love the white hair. The dogs can be very friendly if trained properly. Very protective and caring. They are cute dogs for sure.

Happy New Year Pug

Happy new year everyone :D Hopefully you didn't overdue and now you look like this pug does lol. I love pugs too bad I'm allergic to them. They are so cute and wrinkly. This one looks adorable lying on its side with its big bulgy eyes. Pugs have breathing issues sometimes and they snore lol but they are still really cute dogs.